Oñati Campus - Refurbishment Phase 2

Client: Mondragon University, Business Faculty 

Location: Oñati, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Completion date: September 2020

Team: [Miren Escartin + Elena Gómez + Ruth Cuenca + KREAN]

Infographics: Onmosis

Photography: Biderbost Photo

Publication (EN): archello

Phase 2 of the refurbishment of the Business Faculty aims to transform the existing traditional corridor with classrooms into a learning environment with open common spaces, visually connected with the circulation areas. This will make visible and connect the activities that take place in this area of ​​the faculty responding to the need identified in the Strategic Brief.

The “weaving networks” help with their zigzagging through the space to connect the square with the circulation areas and with the upper level, acting as a support for signage and lighting and to show the values ​​of the myGADE degree.

A large common area is created, the Plaza, which will be the centre of this intervention, acting as a place to learn, meat and relax. To achieve this, some classrooms are relocated on the ground floor, and they are transformed with glass partition walls as a separation towards the circulation spaces. This creates transparency and connection between spaces and activities.

On the first floor are the classrooms for the Professional Training Courses and Master's degrees, as well as shared meeting rooms for use by the entire Faculty.

The Dean's office is transformed into an open work space for the members of the Advisory Council with an open plan work space for all members and an independent meeting room to hold the executive meetings.