Keys for an integral spatial design

Our design approach is user-centred. We use empathy as a tool to connect with the future users, identifying the things that are important for their needs and spatial experience. Our methodology and creative process follow these steps:

1. Empathy
Listen, understand, discuss

We discover and understand the needs and desires of the users through co-design sessions that enable us to design the spaces to fulfill the user’s expectations.

2. Synthesis 

Interpret and synthesize the information gathered

We process the co-design experience to detect those insights that allow the design to be something special and unique.

3. Brief

Documentation / report

We create a document covering all the client and user needs and requirements identified for the project. This includes concepts, spatial principles and design-manual to drive the spatial interventions.

4. Conceptual proposal

We generate concepts that will represent and identify the needs and aspirations of the users, driving the architectural proposal and spatial design.

5. Design proposal

Architecture and design

Following the above points we design spaces through an iterative process validating the proposals with client and users through a collaborative process. The proposals respond to the brief and key concepts identified and go all the way to the detail, including spatial and furniture design.

6. Spatial identity

Representing the user in the space 

The space is normally a reflection of the user who inhabits it. Therefore our design process includes the aspects that enable the users to feel that the space is unique and is representing them.

-In the case of an organization, the spatial identity represents its spatial brand or spatial DNA; when entering the space you “perceive” that atmosphere that represents the culture of the organization.

-The spatial identity of individual users represents their understanding of the world, their desires, and their way of living.

7. Atrezzo & signage

The detail

We design every detail of the space to cover the aspirations of users including signage, graphic design and decorative elements that enhance the desired user experience.

Our holistic approach to architecture connects the user with the spatial experience of every proposal.

Our holistic approach to architecture connects the user with the spatial experience of every proposal.