Feasibility study for the extension and refurbishment of an office building

Client: Grupo An

Location: Tajonar, Navarra

Date: January 2021

Team: [Miren Escartin + Elena Gómez + Ruth Cuenca]

The Gupo AN cooperative wants to do a refurbishment and extension of its headquarters in Tajonar (Pamplona) currently housed in a hexagonal building. The brief for the new area consists of meeting rooms, a small auditorium, an Advisory Council meeting room, archive and other server spaces. The area to be refurbished needs more meeting rooms, an canteen for employees and the additional toilet facilities. 

To offer different solutions to these needs, we proposed 3 options. The idea of ​​the hexagon is kept as a representation of the cooperative spirit; like a honeycomb. 

a) the Pavilion proposal. Based on the idea of ​​a small-size independent pavilion.

b) the Patio proposal. Generated from the idea of ​​replicating the hexagonal plan of the existing buildings with a central patio to facilitate natural lighting and ventilation.

c) the Organic proposal. Designed based on a hexagonal grid, creating an organic and flexible architecture that facilitates design variations and possible future expansion. 

References: the Spanish pavilion of Corrales and Molezún at the Universal Exhibition in Brussels.