Coworking Colegiata - refurbishment 

Client: Utopicus

Lugar: C/ Colegiata, Madrid

Completion: 2015

Team: [Juana Canet + Elena Gómez + Ruth Cuenca]

Collaborators: Pablo Sánchez Romo + Rosalía Borrué

Area: 1050 m2

Photography: Jesús Varillas

Utopic_Us is a community of co-workers who share space, activities and interests in the centre of Madrid. The refurbishment project is based on the idea of ‘community’ as the organizer of spaces, creating different zones with different spatial qualities that are interpreted as constellations of knowledge. This concept translates spatially into points of exchange where the community members share knowledge, leisure or relaxing moments.

The project includes lighting design that recreates the idea of stellar constellations which give character to the different areas for the community.

The coworking space in Colegiata street was an old commercial covered gallery with mainly bead and haberdashery shops. The old small shop units are transformed into office spaces that share common spaces located in the central atrium illuminated with a large skylight.

The challenge was to give visibility to the entrance and the idea was to play with objects at different (sometimes impossible) scales to attract the attention of passers-by. 

Our references are Utopia by Tomás Moro and Alice in Wonderland.